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Economists: Pre-Recession U.S. Economy Is ‘Not Coming Back’

February 14, 2012 “The economy that we had before the recession is gone,” said Kenneth Goldstein, an economist for the Conference Board, a group that provides economic and business advice and research to its member companies. “It’s not coming back.” … Continue reading

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Travelers to be billed $32b for TSA patdowns, new air traffic fees

February 14, 2012 Airlines and their passengers would pay up to $32 billion in new air traffic and security fees over 10 years, and grants to big airports would fall sharply under White House budget proposals on Monday aimed at … Continue reading

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‘Hooking Kids on Sex’: Graphic New Vid Report Shows How Planned Parenthood Is Creating ‘Future Customers’

by Jared Law http://www.the912project.us/forum/topic/show?id=2881797%3ATopic%3A2525648&xgs=1&xg_source=msg_share_topic Believe it or not, Planned Parenthood has reached a new low. The sleazy genocide racket that pretends it’s all about ‘women’s health’ has been exposed as doing its best to get American kids addicted to fornication … Continue reading

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Fed’s Plosser: More Easing Would Put US on ‘Treacherous Path ,’ Spark Inflation

A top policymaker at the U.S. central bank decried the “accelerationist approach to monetary policy” among some of his colleagues, pointing to signs of economic improvement as reason enough for the Federal Reserve to stand pat for now. Philadelphia Fed … Continue reading

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(Interesting) Fastest-growing faith on planet is not what you think!

Fastest-growing faith on planet is not what you think! Learn about the spiritual Megashift taking place in the world today “This book is one of the most popular titles ever,” said Joseph Farah. “In fact, it has been so big … Continue reading

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Pew Center: 1.8 million dead people registered to vote

A new report by the Pew Center on the States finds that more than 1.8 million dead people are currently registered to vote. And 24 million registrations are either invalid or inaccurate. There’s little evidence that this has led to … Continue reading

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Wow! Complete replica of Noah’s ark! Watch this!! Hit LIKE if you admire Noah’s great faith!!

WOW! Read More and see video: http://www.inchristnetwork.com/videos/30/5940/wow-complete-replica-of-noah-s#axzz1egOR97Hb

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Obama: Gay rights efforts ‘profoundly American’

Obama: Public accepts efforts for equal rights for gays President Obama told supporters at a gay fundraiser Thursday night that the public “readily accepts” his administration’s efforts to grant equal rights to gay citizens. [actually only 20% of Americans accept … Continue reading

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China using retired U.S. officers to influence policy

China’s intelligence services are using a private exchange program for retired U.S. and Chinese generals to influence the U.S. government and downplay Beijing’s large-scale military buildup, according to a congressional report. Chinese Air Force J-10 fighter jets take off from … Continue reading

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Defense News

By Charles Hoskinson and Austin Wright On the budget DOD IS ONE OF THE BIG LOSERS in a budget plan that pours hundreds of billions of dollars in new spending into community colleges, transportation projects and other stimulus programs. It … Continue reading

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Shariah’s police? Interpol’s honoring of Saudi warrant could lead to arrest of Americans

By Frank J. Gaffney Jr. http://www.JewishWorldReview.com | Over the weekend, a drama with potentially horrific consequences for freedom-loving Americans played out half-a-world away. A Saudi newspaper columnist named Hamza Kashgari was detained in Malaysia, reportedly on the basis of an … Continue reading

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