Obama Desperate for Racist Vote?…

H/T Kevin Jakson, The Black Sphere


President Obama Announces the 2012 Launch of African Americans for Obama

Want to know how bad things are for Obama? He has formed a group called African-Americans for Obama. Why would a guy who took 95 percent of the black vote in 2008, need to form a group to get black folks to support him? Because he stinks on ICE!

This group is being formed in an attempt to intimidate blacks who are leaving the plantation in droves, due to the ineffectiveness of Obama. And
I predict group will be a cadre of tattletale blacks who will report blacks who dare not vote racist. This is part of the Department of Homeland Security’s program of “If you see something, say something.”

Given that Obama is polling at 79 percent approval with blacks, it may be too late for him.

Need I say MORE?!...

Obama by the numbers

Fraudulent Jobs Numbers…

Obama fraud painting

The fraudulent unemployment numbers are out and Obama is celebrating. He saof to Congress, “Don’t muck it up.”

Forget that Obama has spent $6.2T to have one good month of good jobs report, but the fact is that the reason the unemployment figures dropped is a whopping 1.2M people dropped out of the job search altogether. This is how Obama must measure, as there is no good news otherwise.

Don’t believe me, read it here

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