MSNBC’s Martin Bashir: If Socialism Works for the NFL, Why Not Political Campaigns?

SO now we have Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Matthews and Martin Bashir all coming out ON AIR as Socialists…WHY IS ANYONE WATCHING NBC AND BUYING THEIR SPONSORS PRODUCTS??? Calling for a FULL BOYCOTT of ALL NBC stations, their affiliates and sponsors!

It’s time now to clear the air and as Republican candidates continue to falsely accuse the president of wanting to transform America into a European socialist state, I’ve been particularly surprised that they haven’t targeted one of this country’s most popular industries,” MSNBC’s Martin Bashir said Thursday on a segment called “Clean the Air.” “An industry that has not only adopted the essential elements of Socialism, but is proud of it! It’s an industry in which all 32 franchises share profits for a common cause,” Bashir said, failing to mention what that “common cause” is.
“This is no Economic Darwinism, no survival of the fittest – this is actually designed to ensure an equality of product for all consumers…The industry, of course, is the National Football League [NFL],” Bashir said.

Watch Bashir ponder the NFL and socialism via MSNBC:

Bashir went on to cite a 60 Minutes interview wherein CBS’ Steve Kroft asked NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, “I mean that’s socialism isn’t it?”

“It’s a form of socialism. And, it’s worked quite well for us,” Goodell responded.
However, what Bashir “forgot” to mention in his “See? Socialism works!” monologue is the rest of Goodell’s answer to Kroft’s question:

So we try to combine socialism and capitalism. How can we socialize by sharing our revenue in a way that will allow every team the ability to compete?
It’s not just socialism. The NFL is essentially a cartel, albeit a legal one, thanks to a limited exemption from anti-trust laws granted by Congress more than 50 years ago.

Read more, see video:

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