What??? Eric Holder tells NAACP that whites want to take away their voting rights.

Kyle Rogers

Charleston Conservative Examiner
January 16, 2012

Eric Holder

Eric Holder

Monday, January 16th, US Attorney General Eric Holder spoke at the annual anti-Confederate flag rally held by the NAACP. The NAACP has held the event annually since 2000 to demand that the Confederate flag and the Confederate soldier statue be removed from the White House grounds. They have also covered up a statue of George Washington during two past rallies.
Eric Holder oversaw the vast criminal gun running operation by the DOJ known as “Fast & Furious.” Nearly one hundred US congressmen have called for his resignation.
Eric Holder recently blamed white people for his problems. He said his critics are racists who don’t like him because he is black.
While few other groups would welcome the Attorney General speak at their event, the NAACP did. His speech remained true to his usual pattern of vilifying white people. He claimed that South Carolina’s new voter ID law is an attack on minorities.
The AG is cuurently blocking South Carolina’s voter ID law from going into effect. Holder said the “achievements that defined the civil rights movement now hang in the balance” because of the voter ID law.
Holder categorized the voter ID law as “racially discriminatory” and part of “overt and subtle forms of discrimination” that “remain all too common.”
Recently a NAACP leader in Mississippi was convicted of ten counts of voter fraud and sentenced to prison. Virtually no “mainstream” media outlets, even in Mississippi, reported this.

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