Greedy nurses protest as administrators meet about possibly having to close hospital doors.

So smelly dirty OWS are way more important than poor, sick New Yorkers…Disgusting greedy asshats!

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RNs, healthcare workers, Occupy Wall Street rally together for Brooklyn hospitals

7:00 a.m. rally outside Crain’s “Power breakfast” for health care, Wall St. insiders

BROOKLYN, January 10, 2012 – Members of the New York State Nurses Association, other health care professionals, the Commission on the Public’s Health System, concerned Brooklyn residents and members of the Occupy Wall Street movement will gather Wednesday morning outside an insiders’ “power breakfast” at the Brooklyn Marriott, 333 Adams Street.

Community and neighborhood organizations – the Save Our Safety Net Campaign – together with Occupy Wall Street activists are working toward saving health care in one of the most impoverished counties in the United States – Brooklyn.

Inside the Marriott, Crain’s New York, the local business publication, will be hosting a forum called “Solving Brooklyn’s Hospital Crisis”, led by investment banker Stephen Berger, who chaired Governor Cuomo’s Health System Redesign Brooklyn Workgroup.

Members of the campaign will raise concerns about some Workgroup recommendations, including no new public funds to help struggling Brooklyn hospitals, and allowing publicly-traded, investor-owned firms to invest in them instead.

Information: Wednesday, January 11th , 7 a.m., outside the Brooklyn Marriott, 333 Adams Street, Brooklyn.

The New York State Nurses Association is the voice for nursing in the Empire State. With more than 37,000 members, it is New York’s largest professional association and union for registered nurses. The association represents registered nurses, and some all-professional bargaining units, in New York and New Jersey. It supports nurses and nursing practice through education, research, legislative advocacy, and collective bargaining.

Hospital execs, employees confront closures, layoffs

Outside the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott Wednesday, scores of nurses in scrubs and scarves protested the possible closure of inpatient hospital services in the city’s most populous borough. The health care executives in suits and heels inside the hotel were hardly more sanguine.

They had gathered for a Crain’s breakfast forum on the future of Brooklyn hospitals—and New York health care itself, which some say is on life support.

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    Correction: Brooklyn is not Brooklyn county but Kings county.


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