Seeing Greece has done it, can pedophilia be far from being accepted as ‘just another sex orientation’ in US??

Greece’s Categorization of Pedophilia as ‘Disability’ Sparks Outrage

Disabled people in Greece are furious over a plan by the Athens government to categorize pedophiles, pyromaniacs, fetishists, exhibitionists, compulsive gamblers, kleptomaniacs, sado-masochists, among others, as “disabled,” suggesting such groups may also be eligible to receive state benefits.

The country’s Labor Ministry explained that it consulted with a panel of medical experts to include people with behavioral disorders to widen the definition of “disability.” However, it added that the categorization does not necessarily mean they will all be entitled to state benefits.

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When I read it has only been since 1973 that homosexuality started to be ‘normalized’ that made it crystal clear to me…in 25 years we went from deviant behavior to total acceptance…how much quicker will sex with children be accepatable.

Into the Abyss – Move to classify pedophilia as simply another sexual orientation


Congressional Counsel meeting to make pedophilia just another sexual orientation now Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius forcing sexuality on the youngest to accomidate them…

HHS: Children Are ‘Sexual Beings’
Monday, August 22, 2011
By Penny Starr
Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. ( Starr)

( – The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is offering advice to parents and teens about sex education, including assurances that teens may “experiment” with homosexuality as part of “exploring their own sexuality,” and that masturbation should be of concern only “if a child seems preoccupied with it to the exclusion of other activities.”
The information, located on a “Questions and Answers About Sex” link on the “Quick Guide to Healthy Living” portion of the HHS Web site, also describes children and infants as “sexual beings.”

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Obama administration making pedophilia acceptable as “a sexual orientation” and HHS giving them permission to explore it with infants now…Sounds like islam and sharia where thighing babies is acceptable….


Sexual Anarchy: The Agenda to Normalize Pedophilia

Stop sexualizing our children!                         

Sexual Anarchy                                                                             

Conference aims to normalize pedophilia in Baltimore

Pedophiles should now be called “minor attracted persons” CHICAGO, August 17, 2011                                          

web site for counseling for the poor, afflicted child-sex suffers [gag]

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  1. findalis says:

    Eventually the people will rise up and drive these perverts out of the country. We need to take heed and deny the perverts any oppotunity to live among the rest of us.


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