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I have really noticed in the last year the absolute silence on Christian’s being slaughtered across the globe. Crucifictions in Somolia, whole towns hurded into mass burnings in Nigeria, it took 3 churches being bombed on Christmas day in Nigeria to even get a mention in the MSM…People had better wake up because Christians are being targeted in the USA and Canada as you read this.  

Saint Doonesbury, the Teaching Missionary to the Christians

From: Doonesbury, GB Trudeau,

We can find out that Iraqi Christians are
–being annihilated
–one of the oldest Christian communities in the world
in the media and the COMICS! Doonesbury, of all places.

But, we probably won’t learn about the annihilation of Christianity in a church. You see, if you start with the facts of persecution, you might come to the point that you would ask the question: who is killing Christians? If the answer turns out to be Muslims, then a second question arises: Why do Muslims murder and persecute Christians? That answer can only turn to be: Because of Islam. Oops! Can’t go there, so let’s not talk about the annihilation of Christians, at all.

Why are Christians in such denial about Islam? This is a critical question, since modern Western knowledge of Islam has a 14 century base of Christian scholarship. As the Church thought, so did the Western world. There are contributions from Jews, but, in the end, there is no real difference between the Islamic scholarship of Jews and the Christians, as they share the same limitations.

Back to why the Christians are in such denial about the true nature of Islam. It started when Umar, the first Caliph, burst out of the Arabian Desert in the first universal jihad against a Christian Mediterranean civilization. When we read the earliest records, there is so much confusion about the conquerors that they called them Arabs, not Muslims. This began an intellectual construct to refer to Islam by the first invader’s identity—the Turk, the Saracen, the Moor, the Arab–never, the Muslim.

It was five centuries after the first jihad passed before the Koran was translated into a Western language, Latin. Then it took another five centuries before there was another translation. Do you see a trend? The first translation of Mohammed’s biography into English did not occur until the 17th century. The major Hadith author, Bukhari, is known in an English translation by a Muslim and that was done in the 20th century. This is a dreadful intellectual history. There were some good works in German, Italian and some other European languages, but the discussion about Islam took place mainly in academic realms.

The ignorance of Islam extends to the detailed history of the Islamic destruction of Christianity for 14 centuries.

This foundation of ignorance is what underlies the desert of Islamic studies at our universities. But, let’s not only deal with the institutions of “higher” learning; they sold out to the Saudis in the sixties. Look at Christian schools’ curriculum about Islam–think World Religions 101.

If the ministers of today were not taught about Islam and its history in college, where do they learn about it? Why would they know about it? Ignorance begets ignorance.

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Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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