Autism Action Network: Andrew Wakefield files defamation suit against Brian Deer, Fiona Godley and the British Medical Journal‏

Andrew Wakefield files defamation suit against


British Medical Journal, Brian Deer and Fiona Godley
Andrew Wakefield filed a defamation lawsuit yesterday in Travis County, Texas (Austin) against freelance reporter Brian Deer, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and Fiona Godley, editor of the BMJ.
Last year the BMJ published a story written by Deer and edited by Godley that accused Wakefield of falsifying data in a 1998 paper that hypothesized an association between a new type of bowel disease, autism and the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine.
Wakefield and John Walker Smith, the most respected pediatric gastroenterologist in Britain at the time, who co-authored the paper, had their medical licenses suspended for their refusal to recant their hypothesis. 
The suit can be read at the following link. If the link does not work cut and paste the address into your browser. 

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