The FBI and its “untouchable” Oklahoma City bombing informant

By Coach Collins, on December 28th, 2011

by Doug Book, staff writer

To this day the Federal Bureau of Investigation claims to have discovered not a single Oklahoma City bombing co-conspirator in league with Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols. Yet McVeigh and Nichols did not act alone in the 1995 scheme which killed 168 individuals and injured hundreds more. They had help, some of it coming from the FBI itself! And evidence to that effect is overwhelming.
In 2004, Terry Lynn Nichols wrote to Attorney General John Ashcroft from his prison cell in Florence, Colorado offering to provide a complete account of his knowledge of and participation in the Oklahoma City bombing while revealing the names and roles of individuals never pursued by the American justice system.
If Ashcroft did not believe Nichols capable of telling the truth, or if he did not want to spend his own time on a potentially fruitless trip to Colorado, one would think the Attorney General at least to have been interested enough to send a representative to find out what the convicted killer of 168 people had to say.
But Ashcroft did not respond to Nichols’ letter, addressing only an order to the Bureau of Prisons forbidding Nichols from speaking with members of the media. (1)
In his letter to Ashcroft, Terry Nichols brought up the involvement in the Oklahoma City bombing plot of gun dealer and longtime Tim McVeigh personal friend Roger Moore. Nichols states that Moore “…provided “blasting caps” and “kine-stik along with other components” necessary for the building of the bomb. Indeed Nichols claimed in a 2007 Declaration obtained by attorney Jesse Trentadue that McVeigh arranged for him to stage a sham robbery of Roger Moore’s home during which firearms, cash and bomb making materials were taken. (2)

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