Michigan: DOJ spreading Islam again, forcing Islamic school on local community

December 28, 2011 by creeping

The DOJ has been actively waging a zoning jihad on American towns where Muslims bend, break and ignore zoning laws. An update on the Michigan Islamic Academy, via Atlas Shrugs.

Our civilizational self-confidence has now deteriorated to the point that the enforcement of ordinances and city laws and zoning laws is “Islamophobic.” And the demand is that our own rule of law be cast aside and discredited by slanderous allegations of “Islamophobia.”
This now the next wave of the Islanic supremacist takeover. This is a town that just OKed a mosque, but doesn’t want a giant madrassa in the middle of what was a lovely residential area. And Obama’s Justice Department is going to sue this town.
The point of this Muslim Brotherhood/DOJ lawsuit is a warning to every other town and village and pueblo under the red, white and blue. The warning is that to deny a mega-mosque or mega-madrassa, your town will be sued, your town will be slimed, your town will be slandered.

US reviewing anti-Muslim school bias complaint Associated Press:

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