America as a Totalitarian Dictatorship

by Ray Peach

us-communistAfter the Oklahoma City Bombing, my job required that I attend a two-day briefing on counter terrorism. At that meeting, several people from the DoD, NSA, and FBI repeatedly stated that the biggest threat to National Security was domestic terrorism. The specific examples they provided were members of the National Rifle Association, Right to Life Organizations, Military Veterans, and others who were merely exercising their constitutional rights, or in some cases, doing nothing at all. Myself and others were encouraged to engage in a program where we would report on coworkers, employees, and neighbors about such things as “subversive” bumper stickers. Since it’s the role of the government to protect constitutional rights, including the freedom of speech, I understood this was no longer a country dedicated to liberty and the rule of law – since none of these activities are illegal.

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