Prez kin’s defense targets patrolman

he’s ILLEGAL!!! WTF is he STILL doing walking our streets! I don’t care WHO his family is!

FAMILY MATTER: Onyango Obama, the...
Photo by Ted Fitzgerald
FAMILY MATTER: Onyango Obama, the president’s half-uncle, was arrested on drunken-driving charges in August.

‘Numerous incidents’ on cop’s record

By John Zaremba

Lawyers for President Obama’s illegal alien half-uncle are going after the beat cop who busted him on a drunken-driving rap, chasing internal affairs records they hope will paint him as a serial squad-car speeder.
Onyango Obama never would have been stopped and subjected to a breath test, which lawyers also are contesting, if it weren’t for the cop’s bad driving, his lawyers insist.

“It will be our contention that the officer nearly caused the accident by nearly hitting Obama,” defense attorney William L. Harvey III told the Herald, saying he believes patrolman Val Krishtal was going “well above the speed limit” at the time of the near-crash.

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  1. findalis says:

    Big question here: Who’s paying for his lawyers? Public defenders mean you get one lawyer, not a team.


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