RSN: Columnist in Daily Close to Hamas: ‘We Are All Martyrdom-Seekers’

In an article titled “We Are All Martyrdom-Seekers,” published in the Gaza-based daily Filastin, which is close to Hamas, columnist Fakher Shreteh said that the salvation of the Palestinian people would only be achieved through resistance, gunpowder, and “the shedding of blood that would water the land,” and that he who loved life more than death would always be the one to lose the fight.Following are excerpts: [1]

“The Palestinian People Will Only Be Saved Through The Shedding Of Blood That Will Water The Land, And With Gunpowder And Resistance”

We_Are_All_Martydom_Seekers“In the land of the holy altar, Gaza, we sacrifice our lives. Like the ram of Abraham, we die standing proud so that Palestine may live. Upon the holy altar, we sacrifice our lives to redeem the soil of our homeland so that we can all live – for we are the martyrdom-seekers [who follow the legacy] that was written in the blood of our leaders: Yasser ‘Arafat, [Hamas founders] Ahmad Yassin and [‘Abd Al-‘Aziz] Al-Rantisi, [the founder of Islamic Jihad in Palestine] Fathi Shqaqi, [Popular Front Secretary-General] Abu ‘Ali Mustafa, and all the others who sacrificed their lives for the homeland, bearing their [burial] shrouds in their own hands. We regard them all as martyrs… They did not neglect giving [themselves] for the sake of the [Palestinian state] – the state of freedom and brotherhood, the present and future homeland. We, the martyrdom-seekers, will be happy on the wedding day of our self-sacrifice,[2] because Jerusalem has grown in our hearts and a love of Al-Aqsa has flowed in our blood and veins. Our naked bodies are bombs that blow the enemy to pieces, and our souls are gunpowder that shatters the myth of the invincible Zionist army.

“The Palestinian people will only be saved through the shedding of blood that will water the land, and with gunpowder and resistance, which protect [our] honor and deter the enemy. The matter at hand is the stolen homeland and the honor of a tragedy-stricken people, which will only be restored through blood. This is what we learned from ‘Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam, and also from ‘Ata Al-Zeir, Muhammad Jamjoum, and Fouad Hajazi [three Palestinians executed by the British in 1930 for their participation in the 1929 Palestine riots]. In their footsteps followed the martyr ‘Imad ‘Aqel [commander of the ‘Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades], Ahmad Abu Al-Rish [a prominent Fatah fighter in the First Intifada], [Majid] Al-Harazin [a senior Islamic Jihad combatant], and many others who sought death so that we could be given life… Read more:

[1] Filastin (Gaza), December 13, 2011.

[2] The funeral of a martyr is traditionally described as a wedding, with the martyr as a bridegroom who is joyously led to the Virgins of Paradise.

[3] Al-Khansa bint ‘Omar (also called “the Mother of the Martyrs”) was a poetess of the pre-Islamic period who converted to Islam during the time of the Prophet Muhammad, and lost her four sons in the battle of Al-Qadissiyya


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