December 20, 2011

WASTEBOOK 2011: Senator releases list of ‘the most egregious ways your taxpayer dollars were wasted’

Biden: ‘The Taliban Per Se Is Not Our Enemy’

From Brigitte Gabriel
In response to VP Joe Biden’s claim today that the Taliban “is not our enemy” Mitt Romney had this to say:
“If Vice President Biden is to be believed, both he and President Obama think the Taliban ‘is not our enemy.’ This statement is bizarre, factually wrong, and an outrageous affront to our troops carrying out the fight in Afghanistan. The Taliban harbored the terrorists who killed 3,000 Americans on September 11th. The Taliban continues to wage war against us and our allies, a conflict in which we have lost over 1,800 troops. The Taliban receives arms and training from Iran. And the Taliban seeks to reinstate a tyrannical government that violently rejects basic notions of human rights and oppresses minorities. The Taliban is clearly a bitter enemy of the United States. Vice President Biden’s statement to the contrary calls into question the White House’s leadership in Afghanistan – or lack of it. The statement is typical of the Obama administration’s foreign policy of appeasement, which sends a weak signal to our enemies around the world and undermines our standing abroad. Both the President and the Vice President must immediately explain themselves.”

Jake Tapper Presses WH On Biden’s ‘Taliban Is Not Our Enemy’ Remark

Congressman On Senate Payroll Tax Bill: ‘It’s Not Gonna Happen’     

Ivory Tower Brokaw Predicts Class Warfare

TSA screenings aren’t just for airports anymore
TSA checking trains, buses, subways Charlotte, N.C.,0,3213641.story

CNN star Piers Morgan faces UK media inquiry    


Refuses to discuss source of McCartney voice message…

FLASHBACK: Morgan Admits Dodgy Practices…

NEWS CORP settles 7 more cases…

Iran invites IAEA to visit: diplomat

Axelrod: ‘Screwing Up’ The Economy Is GOP Strategy                                  090403_axelrod_ap_297-150x150.jpg

Speaking of WASTE: #OccupyDenver’s Latest ‘Peaceful’ Tactic: Arson

Talking Points: Joan Walsh Says Boehner Being Held Hostage By ‘Tea Party’ Congressmen

Massachusetts man found guilty of aiding al Qaeda

In Kim’s Death, an Extensive Intelligence Failure
Body displayed, NKorea media hail son

State TV shows ‘indescribable sorrow’

Mystery surrounds ‘The Great Successor’

Supreme Court to hear arguments in March on healthcare law,0,4197883.story

Blackout at Candlestick Park delays Monday Night Football – BOMB THREAT
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

US Capitol Christmas Tree Honors Obama, Not Jesus Or Christmas

Jesse Jackson To Black Fathers: Forget Teaching Success, Teach Your Children To Fight
“When I was younger I would say I wanted my children to get educated so that they wouldn’t have to go through what I’ve gone through. I’ve changed that position now. I want them to get a good education so they can have more tools with which to fight. The fight will not stop. I want them to have more tools. I want black fathers to have more tools with which to fight.”

Palin says not too late to consider presidential run
Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin speaks to supporters at a rally organized by the Tea Party of America in Indianola, Iowa September 3, 2011 REUTERS/Jim Young


US says don’t publish recipe for lab-bred bird flu

Research seen as bioterror threat

Barney Frank wears revealing shirt on House floor

Krauthammer: Senate Payroll Tax Bill “An Abomination,” “Worst Ever Crafted By Man”

The end of email? Companies try to deal with info overload

Activists plotting Egypt’s fall, claims general

Cairo institute burned during clashes; Academics scramble to save thousands of rare manuscripts

Army unrepentant

A group of cowboys decide to take their horses inside a grocery store in the town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Continental Airlines: Son misses father’s burial after airline charges $675 to change flights

WASHPOST: ‘Obama’s simplistic view of income inequality’

Comparison of House, Senate payroll tax cut bills

The Nation Blows The Dog Whistle On Food Stamps

Maria Conchita Alonso Slams ‘A**hole’ Sean Penn Over Support For Chavez

Blessed Kateri To become Native American Saint

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