Santa Cruz Board Questions PG&E – SmartMeter ShutOffs

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Stop Smart is now reporting that PG&E has returned power to the homes but not in the way you would think:

“Since PG&E has (falsely) claimed that they have no analog meters left, they were forced to save face by installing a device to bypass the meter – allowing unmetered electricity to flow to the homes. They plan to base their billing on last year’s usage.”

Here is a picture of the bypass that was installed where the meters go even though PG&E are removing analog meters from other homes everyday to replace them with Smart Meters and could easily use one of those instead of this bypass:


December 13, 2011 – PG&E decided to shut off the power to 10 customers. These customers had pleaded with PG&E for months requesting to have the SmartMeter removed from their homes, but PG&E refused to help. These people were all experiencing headaches, insomnia, ringing ears, and other symptoms which thousands are reporting throughout California.

Finally, these customers felt they had no choice but to hire an electrician to remove the SmartMeters themselves. They replaced the SmartMeters with a store-bought analog meter (the old style electromechanical meter).

Instead of agreeing to work withe these customers, PG&E decided to retaliate and shut of their power – even though many of these customers have a 50 year history of timely payments with PG&E.

These customers include a 75 year old widow who has multiple disabilities and families with young children. PG&E shut off their power on December 13 – 2 weeks before Christmas. Many of the homes are now without heat as well, with night time temperatures dipping into the 30s.

This video shows the Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors questioning PG&E representative Wendy Sarsfield. She tries to defend the indefensible. PG&E refuses to install an analog meter for these customers. PG&E’s only offer is this: Take the SmartMeter which was making you sick in your own home, or we will shut off your power forever – even on Christmas day!

Over 100,000 customers in PG&E territory still have their analog meters because they were able to call the PG&E SmartMeter installation delay line. But PG&E refuses to allow customers who were not aware of the delay line – or customers whose SmartMeters were installed prior to the existence of the delay line – they refuse to allow these customers to get an analog meter and be placed on the delay list.

The final SmartMeter opt out decision could take months to finalize through the Utilities Commission, and PG&E position is: Wait and suffer in your own home from the SmartMeter that is making your sick, or we will shut off your power.

This is what happens when investor owned utilities (PG&E is owned by Wallstreet investors) are allowed to have monopoly status. PG&E is supposed to be regulated to act in favor of the customers they serve, but the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) is currently led by the former CEO of Southern California Edison – the major investor owned utility in southern California. The CPUC top attorney is Frank Lindh, a former PG&E top attorney. You get the picture.

PG&E and the CPUC are out of control, and customers are being abused. Governor Brown, we need your help!

NOTE: This is not an attack on Wendy Sarsfield, the PG&E rep. We sympathize with her that she is being forced by PG&E top brass to speak publicly to defend PG&E’s indefensible decisions. At some point however, you have to question the ethics of the company you are representing. If you don’t agree with shutting off the power on families and seniors weeks before Christmas when these customers were only asking for your help to solve the health problems caused by the wireless SmartMeters – perhaps you should quit your job and work for a company who tries to serve and respond to their customers. PG&E has received tens of thousands of health complaints about SmartMeters, and their response is to punish those customers for asking for help…..Wendy?

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