Canadian Imam Compares Canada to Nazi Germany

Considering you were Nazi-collaborators and have never STOPPED persicuting the Jews…this is a pretty stupid statement…

A controversial Muslim cleric in Canada compared the country to Nazi Germany over a policy banning veils during the citizenship oath.
Flash 90

A senior leader of Canada’s Muslim community compared a recent policy requiring no face-coverings be worn when new immigrants take the citizenship oath to the dire oppression of Jews in Nazi Germany.
Imam Sayed Soharwardy, a Canadian of Pakistani descent who serves as president of the Supreme Muslim Council of Canada, made his comparison on CTV, provoking strong reactions from Canada’s Jewish community.
“Because intimidation of their faith, badmouthing about their faith, badmouthing about their book, badmouthing about their beliefs — that was going on in Germany before the Holocaust. The same thing is happening now about Muslims,” he said.

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