American Islamist Promotes Jewish Conspiracy on Iranian Television

Islamist Mauri Saalakhan made claims about a “Jewish, Zionist” conspiracy on the Iranian government’s English-language news service, this past Saturday. These comments match a series of other extremist speeches by the leader of “The Peace and Justice Foundation,” which have made him a prominent figure in Washington D.C.’s Islamist community.

“They [the Republicans] are going to say and do anything that they feel will put them in favor with this very powerful lobby, Jewish organizations, Jewish leaders, institutes, they bend over backwards to please,” Saalakhan said on a cover story for Iran’s Press TV.

“Unfortunately most of our political leaders in the United States are [sic] on both sides, in a sense unfortunately bipartisan, are slaves to the Jewish, Zionist lobby and all of its constituent parts,” he added.

Saalakhan also claims that the Jews exercise this power as part of “their aspirations for the presidency,” including controlling any debate over Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

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2 Responses to American Islamist Promotes Jewish Conspiracy on Iranian Television

  1. findalis says:

    Of course we Jews have this big conspiracy. But it is not suppose to be on the web, msm etc… It is suppose to be our secret only.


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