Senate Republican Leadership Doesn’t Get It, Can You Call Today – RINO vs TEA Party for Senate Whip

HEY…did anyone realize the Senate Whip vote has been quietly moved up from January 25th…TO TOMORROW?? RINO vs TEA Party is at issue!

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This week (Tuesday, December 13th) we have a big battle coming with the Republicans in the United States Senate. This is a battle that we need to engage in so that we let Senate Republican Leadership know that we are paying attention and are watching everything they are doing.

The Senate leadership race for Vice Chair of the Republican conference is shaping up to be a battle where the leadership is actively trying to prevent a new perspective from having a seat at the table. That new perspective is the conservative / tea party perspective.

Last week, Leadership quietly moved up the race from its originally scheduled date of January 25th to December 13th, in an effort to secure a rushed victory. The vote for this position will now happen on Tuesday.
Last year, we propelled Republicans to victory across the country. Is Republican Leadership in the Senate going to deny a member representing the conservative / tea party movement a position in leadership? Shouldn’t a member that represents the energized base have a seat at the table too?

We need to step up and have our voices heard in this battle. We cannot sit back and let business as usual continue in the Senate. Our base needs to be represented because we were the ones that elected the new Senators such as Rubio, Lee, Paul, Ayotte and Toomey.

Senator Ron Johnson (WI) wants this position as Senate Conference Vice Chair and the conservative base would like him to have this position. Senator Ron Johnson announced earlier this fall that he wanted this position.
Senator Roy Blunt (MO) announced this past week that he wants the position too. The same day Senator Blunt made this announcement, Republican Leadership moved the election up to next Tuesday. Erick Erikson wrote an article that claims the word coming from the Senate is that Republican Leadership is whipping votes for Senator Blunt to win this election.

Senator Ron Johnson is a businessman of 31 years and a great conservative Senator that we all helped elect. Senator Johnson brings his perspective of a producer and job creator to Washington. He understands how the private sector works, how jobs are created and how tax and regulatory policies impact small businesses. This experience is an extremely valuable asset for the Republican caucus to have at the leadership table.
Senator Johnson, while he may be a quiet leader, he brings a fresh perspective to the Senate and is willing to respectfully challenge the status quo. He is willing to stand up for the conservative cause instead of just falling in line. He is exactly what we need in Washington.

What is the alternative?
Senator Roy Blunt has been in Washington for 14 years. He is part of the establishment. It is highly unlikely he would ever challenge Leadership or make a decision that would go against the establishment.
Not to mention, Senator Blunt is the Congressional Liaison for Mitt Romney’s campaign. Why would Republicans in the Senate elect a Senator that is part of a Presidential candidate’s campaign?
Do we really want another Senator that is part of the “good ‘ole boy” network sitting at the table or would we rather have a fresh new perspective from a conservative at the table?

The Bottom Line
Senator Roy Blunt brings the same old ideas and strategies that have become a problem in the Senate.
Senator Ron Johnson is a new voice that represents the conservative energy that sweeping the country.

What Can You Do?

Call Republican Senators:
Please do your part and call your Republican Senators and tell them to support Senator Ron Johnson for Vice Chair of the Republican Conference in the United States Senate. If you have time, please call other Republican Senators also.
You can find contact information for all Senators HERE.

Social Media:
Also, after you have called the Republican Senators’ offices, please Tweet them and write on their FaceBook walls.

Tell us how you feel about this election on our FaceBook wall.

Please share with others and get them engaged on this battle too. We cannot do this without you. Thank you for all that you do!
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