4th-graders brainwashed with Occupy ‘propaganda’ by an industry ‘giant’ in education, Scholastic

Student’s dad complains to Scholastic News publisher

By Bob Unruh

A Connecticut dad has accused an industry giant in education, Scholastic, of delivering Occupy Wall Street propaganda to his 4th grade daughter in her school classroom.

The company’s response?

“We truly appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns with us and I made sure that staff in our corporate headquarters will see your comments. Again, thank you. We truly appreciate your support of Scholastic Book Clubs.”

The father, Edward, whose last name is being withheld so his daughter is not identified, told WND it was the standard, “We don’t care about your opinion” response that he expected.

But he said he’ll be pursuing the issue with his local school district.

The issue arose over the Scholastic News handout given to students and dated Dec. 5 and Dec. 12:

It describes the Occupy Wall Street movement, which has been tied to professional agitators linked to groups funded by billionaire radical George Soros.

It’s also been accused of being anti-Semitic and to have been given support from Islamic groups that are strong supporters of the so-called Free Gaza Movement.

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