Hope ‘n’ Change: NAACP Voting Complaint

In a potentially frightening development, the NAACP has filed a complaint with the United Nations claiming that there is a deliberate and concerted effort to restrict the vote of blacks and Hispanics in the U.S. They filed a report pointing to what they believe are examples of state and federal efforts to keep the minority voting population from expanding, and in some instances actually disenfranchising registered voters. The examples the NAACP point to include new regulations in certain states that require — horrors! — proper identification. The civil rights group claims that it’s no coincidence that these states are considered important in next year’s presidential election contest. They also have the fastest growing minority populations.

Democrats, who have long held a lock on the minority vote, have also opposed any and all voter identification measures. Of course, these rules are really meant to prevent voter fraud, i.e., the all-too-common voting by non-citizens and individuals who cast ballots in as many precincts as their Democrat bus can get them to before the polls close. Anyone in a state that enforces these regulations may obtain the necessary documentation by making the minimal effort required, and it’s free. The only disenfranchisement that occurs is being perpetrated by fraudulent voters who cast one or multiple ballots. The NAACP’s report doesn’t include that issue, of course, nor does it make clear just what they expect the UN to do about their bellyaching. While if the UN follows its usual model — which is that it will likely do nothing — the NAACP didn’t file this complaint for no reason. A vigilant eye should be kept on this one.

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