Pastor Seelam Easu Ratnam and the Abundant Grace Welfare Association in India

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Posted by: Pastor Ed Boston on December 8, 2011.

Pastor Easu was a guest during the final 30 minutes of our show tonight:–remembering-pearl-harbor. During the show, he shared that in order to finish a new building for their orphanage they still need $40,000 and that the request below for clothes could be done for $25 each for the children.

Here is the link where you can go and donate to this outstanding cause:

Pastor Seelam Easu Ratnam and his family.

I humbly ask your special consideration for our orphanage home for new clothes. As you know that we buy the clothes only yearly once with two pair of dress which will last for whole year. Our children care these new dress very well. All our 46 children are expecting new clothes on this Christmas season. I request you to join your gracious hands to help them to buy the new clothes. your special concern on this would be highly appreciated, we shall remain grateful to you.

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