Obama’s State Department: Making Yuletides Gay

Christmas came early for the President’s favorite activists. Yesterday, the Obama administration put a bow on its efforts to radicalize other countries on the issue of homosexuality. In their observance of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made it clear where their “human rights” priorities lie. In keeping with the anniversary, the White House issued a “Presidential Memorandum” directing “all agencies engaged abroad” to promote the homosexual and transgender agenda. While the President was throwing his full weight (and America’s reputation) behind gay rights, Mrs. Clinton was delivering an egregious speech to the U.N. On a day devoted to the defense of real human rights (like the sanctity of life and religious liberty), Clinton dedicated her remarks to shaming countries that opposed homosexuality. What makes her speech even more presumptuous is that the United Nations–much like the United States–is still sharply divided on the issue of sexual orientation.
Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the former First Lady. Her comments about the “invisible minority” did more than decry violence (which we too strongly oppose) against people who engage in homosexual or transgender behavior. She made it clear there is no level of disapproval, no matter how peaceful, that would be acceptable. In fact, Clinton went so far as to directly compare the religious teachings against homosexuality to “honor killings, widow burning, female genital mutilation” and support for slavery. For other countries, many of whom rely on America for foreign aid, this represents a major clash of worldviews. And it comes, as we have witnessed since 2009, at the expense of religious freedom. The President is elevating homosexuality at the same time he is deemphasizing religious liberty (another legitimate human right). Now, rather than improving relations with our global neighbors, Obama is imposing an alien agenda on other nations.
While the rhetoric has been elevated, the policy isn’t new. Our friend Austin Ruse of C-FAM has already reported on threats to withhold aid from the poor African country of Malawi unless they changed their laws on homosexuality, and the U.S. ambassador to El Salvador offended her hosts with a “Gay Pride Month” message back in June. If the President did the same on other issues, his own liberal allies would accuse him of “cultural imperialism.” Unfortunately, the administration’s bullying approach to diplomacy doesn’t serve America’s interests and runs the risk of making enemies of our friends.

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