Muslim students doing what they do at TCC, TX campus

Please see comments for the truth, which is sorely lacking in the FNN piece.

H/T Dorrie: There are two short videos embedded in the original article. Be worth your while to listen. Note the comments; they’re all over the place.

TX Prof. Resigns, Then Asks for Job Back, After Muslim Students Complain He Called Islam a ‘Cult’

A college professor in Dallas, Texas, has resigned under pressure following controversial in-class remarks he made about Islam. Prior to his departure, Paul Derengowski, a philosophy teacher at Tarrant County College, had instructed a few philosophy and religion courses at the local college.

Two Muslim students who were in one of these courses apparently went to college administrators to complain [Victim! Victim! Victim!] about commentary and instruction that they found immensely offensive. The students claimed that Derengowski called Islam a cult and that he had posted “inflammatory” images on his web site.

Now, following his resignation, Derengowski wants his job back. However, he apparently isn’t willing to comply with requirements that he stop holding a biased view in the classroom.

In an interview with KDFW-TV, he was open about his Christian faith as well as his anti-Islamic views. In describing his web site he said, “I am defending the Christian faith. Christians are not supposed to stand by and just let that go. So that’s what you see on my website.”

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5 Responses to Muslim students doing what they do at TCC, TX campus

  1. Pam says:

    As a student in the classroom the two nights this took place, Professor D NEVER stated to the class Islam was a cult. This is one of many lies the Muslim students have been stating. Professor D has never asked for his job back. This is a statement the news reported incorrectly. Several of the students from the class have filed complaints with TCC – the policy states 10 days to make a decision. It’s been 13 days since I filed my complaint and it’s still “being investigated”. However, no one from TCC administration has spoken with me directly about the complaint. The class was threatened by the male Muslim stutdent and Professor D filed a police report with campus police for his safety and the safety of his students. One point the news left out in their report – the syllabus Professor D taught by – was approved by TCC administration – this was confirmed by one of the Professors (Sharon Whettengel) that addressed our class on November 10th. The class never made it through Professor D’s lecture on Islam – the two Muslim students disrupted the class two nights in a row. Professor D’s lectures include PowerPoint slides – usually 10 – 15. The class only saw 2 of the slides. No one nas taken any steps to talk with the students that were in the class.


    • a12iggymom says:

      Thank you Pam for your report. It is an every day occurance now that moslum students and their supporters disrupt education for imagined slights.


  2. Since it appears that this blog entry is basing much of its information from either the severely flawed reporting of Brandon Todd at FOX or the half-baked repeat of Todd’s report, let me correct a few of the faux pas that keep getting sent around.

    1. I, Paul Derengowski, did not resign because of any student complaints. I resigned because TCC officials failed to uphold the rules of conduct found in the Tarrant County College Student Handbook when it comes to misconduct. Both Muslim students violated numerous rules, including the recording of a lecture without permission, emailing a libelous email to everyone in the class (except the professor) for the express purpose of defamation, repeated disruptions during the lecture on Nov. 8, which included verbal threats of physical harm to everyone in the class, lying to TCC administrators upon reporting the incident, etc. After meeting with TCC admins, and having my hands tied as to what I had already been approved to do, and had been doing for the previous three and one-half years, as outlined in syllabus, they left me with no other option than resign.

    2, As part of the misreporting, or simple outright lying, at no time did I ever assert in class that Islam is a cult. The whole charge stems from an article I wrote in response to a question than another student asked in a previous semester dealing with why I had classified Islam as a cult on my website. You may find my explanation here .

    3, The so-called “inflammatory images” are nothing more than what is found in the banner introducing the subject of Islam on my site. On one side of the banner is the image of a young male jihadist holding a gun, and on the other side is the image of the second plane about to fly into the South Tower of the WTC. In the middle, and no mention is made of this, which also takes up more than half the banner’s space, is a picture of an Islamic mosque. In all three cases the images are directly tied to Islamic culture, history, and doctrine. Therefore, if one is inflamed, mainly because that person does not like it depicts Islam, then that is their problem. Cease with the ignorance of Islamic culture, history, and doctrine, and one will no longer be inflamed, but informed.

    4. It is a false rumor that I want my job back, particularly under the conditions that now exist. I have not made one effort to contact anyone at TCC to discuss reassignment, nor have they contacted me. The whole rumor about me wanting my job back stems from the false reporting, once again by Brandon Todd and Arezow Doost (at CBS), and a question asked, “What would you like to see come of this?” As part of the response I said I would like to have my job back, but what they failed to include were the following conditions: (a) the two Muslim students need to be expelled, with failing grades, and a detailed explanation attached to their academic record on why; (b) the administration needs to proffer a formal apology, in writing, to me for abandonment and negligence on their part for the terrible mishandling over this whole case; (c) removal of the inane strictures placed upon me as a professor, which have even been recently violated by the professor who replaced me to end the semester. Not only are they non-conducive in allowing instruction to take place in an academic setting, none of the administrators are logically capable of following them themselves.

    5. Finally, the whole defense of Christianity statement has absolutely nothing to do with why there was a blow-up in class on Nov. 8. That is simply more of the piece-meal, hatchet editing on the part of Todd and FOX. Christians are supposed to defend the faith (1 Pet. 3:15; Jude 3), but that is not what I was doing when answering the question involving what sources I used to explain a particular event in Islamic history. The whole blow-up dealt with the two Muslim students’ unwillingness to deal with their own history and doctrine. I give a full explanation of the events here .

    If you have any further questions or comments, you may submit them to: I’ll be happy to answer them in as timely a fashion as possible. Thank you.

    Paul Derengowski


    • a12iggymom says:

      Thank you Mr. Derengowski for setting the record straight. Many of us are not please with FAUX News Network and their continued slide. I appreciate you taking the time to correct their lax reporting on this.


      • You’re welcome. Frankly, I expected better from FOX. Thanks for at least calling attention to this ever-developing story, which theme is slowly creeping into all of our lives, and not necessarily just in education.


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