Does your child belong to state? Cases reveal how government undermining rights of parents

Book given to 5-year-old by public school teacher under guise of ‘diversity’

By Michael F. Haverluck

What parent hasn’t wondered at some point, “Are those really my kids?”

Now comes a combination of state, federal and international organizations to tell fathers and mothers that, no, they aren’t. At least not entirely.

That’s according to a new project from the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, a half-hour docudrama, “Overruled: Government Invasion of Your Parental Rights,”

produced by its affiliate organization,, in an effort to gain support for a Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

ParentalRights.Org President Michael Farris, who also is co-founder and general counsel of HSLDA, contends in the docudrama that America needs a wake-up call to action against governmental control of their children before it’s too late.

“The vast majority of parents and adults in general,” Farris said, “think that the normal, traditional rules of parents’ rights are still in place … that parents can make decisions for their children in the areas of education, their upbringing, medical care, the whole gamut of parental decision making.”

See “Overruled: Government Invasion of Your Parental Rights”, for yourself.

But author, family advocate and expert for the Heritage Foundation Rebecca Hagelin asserts in the video that even though most “believe that moms and dads should be able to parent as they see fit … what they don’t understand is there’s no legal right that allows them to do so.”

In fact, parental rights were so well established at the time the U.S. was launched, the Founders did not specifically recognize them in the Constitution.

For dos and don’ts, one has to shuffle through bundles of U.S. Supreme Court decisions to find the constantly evolving standard on such rights, which the video states is the core of the current problem.

Read all about what’s really going on, in “The Harsh Truth About Public Schools”

“If we’re going to protect parents’ rights once and for all, we’ve got to put it into the text of the Constitution itself,” Farris says. “The Parental Rights Amendment is an effort to put the traditional legal standards of ‘parents can make decisions for their kids’ in the actual text of the Constitution. There are three sections that do three simple things: the first section says ‘Parents have the fundamental right to make decisions for their kids.’ The second section says, ‘If the government is going to try and invade your rights, they’ve got to have clear evidence to do so.’ And the third section says, ‘International law, stay out.’ Whenever the government says, ‘We’re going to make the decision for you,’ with the Parents Rights Amendment, we’re saying ‘No, we’ll make the decision as a family.'”

Many believe the current interpretation of parental rights is put in the wrong hands.

“For the first time in American history, the majority of the Supreme Court no longer treats a parent’s right to control and direct the upbringing of their child as a fundamental liberty,” said William Wagner, former U.S. magistrate judge. “We now have a new situation where government itself becomes the standard and whoever’s in power gets to say what your liberty is.”

And this warrants concern for former Michigan congressman Peter Hoesktra:

Former Congressman Pete Hoekstra on the dangers of government controlling decisions for children

“There are people each and every day who are scheming to take away parental rights to start to destroy the family structure,” he said. “What we’ve seen over the last 40 to 50 years is continual legislative and judicial overreach going into areas that we never thought they would reach into.”

This is seen as the government’s intrusion inside the family’s boundaries.

“The government has a role, but it’s not the role of a partner ‒ it’s the role of a backstop,” Farris said. “If you abuse your kids, if you neglect your kids, and they have evidence of that, the government moves in, and they should move in under those circumstances. But when they treat all of us as if we’re child abusers, that’s absolutely outrageous and we can’t stand for it.”

This overstepping of the states’ role can be traced to oppressive European regimes of the not-so-distant past.

“Karl Marx said that in order to establish a perfect socialist state, you have to destroy the family,” said family psychologist and author John Rosemond. “You have to substitute the government and its authority for parental authority in the rearing of children.”

“One of the things the Convention of the Rights of the Child states is that children have the right to access any media or any information that they want. It also means that a predator has the ability to access children through the Internet and the parents have no right to protect their children,” former President of Concerned Women of America Wendy Wright stated in the video. “So this treaty that purports to give rights to children really makes children more vulnerable to being exploited and abused.”

Here’s a look at the results in some of the nations that adopted the UNCRC:

  • Holland – children start sex education at four years of age
  • Sweden – homeschooling is illegal and those who do it face criminal charges and risk having their children removed from their homes
  • Belgium – doctors can terminate the lives of babies under a year old if they feel the child is somehow disabled or deficient ‒ in 16 percent of the cases, they didn’t even ask for the parents’ consent.

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  1. findalis says:

    “Belgium – doctors can terminate the lives of babies under a year old if they feel the child is somehow disabled or deficient ‒ in 16 percent of the cases, they didn’t even ask for the parents’ consent.”

    How dare they! They are not G-d, they have no right to MURDER, and yes it is MURDER a child, an adult, anyone! This angers me beyond belief.


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