November 28, 2011

A Warning To American Gun Owners.

You have to ask yourself a very serious question America. Are you ready to give up your guns?

Read Jihad and American Medicine

A book on Radical Islam—for our youth!

Now to the class room: Pushing Back the Socialist Agenda in Education

130 domains seized by the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigrations and Customs Enforcement division as part of “Operation in Our Sites”

Surprise! Georgia Businessman Who Hung “Not Hiring Until Obama Is Gone” Sign Reported To The FBI As A Threat To National Security

Corruption breeds more corruption: First lady, Bidens at Daley funeral

From Drudge:
$7,770,000,000,000…Britain draws up emergency plans for collapse of Euro…
IMF drafting $800 billion bailout plan for Italy, Spain…
Just days until collapse?

From Glenn Beck:
Jon Corzine Scandal…$1.2 BILLION in Client Money Missing…Yet ANOTHER of the Terrific People Obama & Biden Have Surrounded Themselves With…
…Biden on Corzine…                                                                                                    
Obama on Corzine…                                                                                                       

Welcome to the New World Order

As the Obama administration makes it tougher to own, Which Countries Own the World’s Gold?

EDITORIAL: Time to stock up on light bulbs

Michele Bachmann: ‘Table Has Been Set for a Worldwide Nuclear War Against Israel’

Obama Has Halved Spending on Border Fencing, Infrastructure, Technology–Leaving 1,300 Miles of Mexico Border Unfenced

The return of Van Jones

Occupy Oakland Blocks Apple Store On Black Friday…

Obama Continues To Support Occupy…MLK Would’ve Supported It…

The collapse is coming, The collapse is coming

107 Trillion in 6 months

Secret Fed Loans Gave Banks Undisclosed $13B

Secret Bill To Be Voted On Today Would Allow The Military To Sweep Up US Citizens At Home Or Abroad

Senate Moves To Allow Military To Intern Americans Without Trial                                                                                               

Deadly man-made strain of H5N1 bird flu virus raises controversy

Attackers Blow Up Gas Pipeline

They Learned Nothing: Egypt should have kept them…Missouri Colege Student Back In Jefferson City, Describes Beatings in Egypt

US Student Arrested In Egypt Says He Fainted From Fear

Gag Order Silences Parents of Boy Charged With Sexual Assault for Playing Doctor

Obama should step aside for Hillary

Obama should kick Biden for Hillary

The truth comes out, protester accidently tells what really happened
Here is exactly, word for word, what Elli Pearson told Amy Goodwin of “Democracy Now” in an interview:
” Well we were protesting together and the riot cops came at us and we linked arms and sat down peacefully to protest their presence on our campus. And then at one point they were – we had encircled them and they were trying t…o leave and they were trying to clear a path. And so we sat down, linked arms and said that if they wanted to clear the path they would have to go through us. But we were on the ground, you know, heads down and all I could see was people telling me to cover my head, protect myself and put my head down. And the next thing I know we were pepper-sprayed.”

Jew Hatred is Socially Acceptable Again

More Parents Opting Out of Vaccinations for Their Children

Military health-care reform leaves wounded warriors entangled in more red tape

New Jersey nurses charge religious discrimination over hospital abortion policy

Economic survey shows little optimism

Sharpton Flashback… “We Taught Philosophy & Mathematics…before Socrates & Those Greek Homos Ever Got Around To It”…

NYC judge rejects $285M SEC-Citigroup agreement

Michigan: Male Nurse Fired for Treating Muslim Women Sues! | Logan’s Warning

Defending Our Nation Means Defending the Cross

And Bawney Fwank will NOT seek re-election…Merry Christmas!

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