Michigan: Male Nurse Fired for Treating Muslim Women Sues!

Michigan: Male Nurse Fired for Treating Muslim Women Sues!.

November 23, 2011


Last November I posted an article entitled “University of Michigan Health System/ Journal of Med Ethics put out Call for Physicians to Accommodate Islamic Law”. It was written Aasim Padela, M.D., M.Sc., University of Michigan.

One of his requirements to appease Islam was the following:

Gender Relations: For patients who follow Islamic ethics concerning cross-gender interaction—when all else is equal—physicians of the same religion and gender are preferred, followed by a non-Muslim of the same gender whenever possible.

Unfortunately he is starting to get his way.

Male nurse sues after firing for treating Muslim women
Robert Snell/ The Detroit News

Detroit— A male nurse filed a sex discrimination lawsuit against the city of Dearborn on Wednesday, claiming he was fired for treating conservative Muslim women wearing head scarves.

Read More: http://loganswarning.com/2011/11/23/michigan-male-nurse-fired-for-treating-muslim-women-sues/

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