What does communism look like?

All the youth think Communism is wonderful, so let’s check in with the world’s premiere Communist power: China. People are so alive, so caring over there — check out what happens when a 2-year-old toddler is struck by a van in a busy market. How many people do you think will walk by — see — and completely ignore the dying child? It was all caught on video. WARNING: It’s horrific – WATCH.

“The most popular regional paper The NanFang Daily wrote an editorial about “gathering the scraps of China’s conscience.”

With the introspection comes who or what to blame for the degradation of “Chinese morality” and there seems to be a consensus about the perceived source of the current state of apathy. One netizen wrote, “Don’t blame the passersby; it was a Nanjing judge that killed this little girl.” [YueYue is still alive.]
The “Nanjing judge” refers to an infamous 2006 incident where a young man named Peng Yu went to the aid of an elderly woman who had fallen down on the street in the eastern city of Nanjing. At the woman’s request, Peng helped take her to the hospital only to have the woman turn around and accuse him for being the person who knocked her down. A Nanjing judge then ruled that “common sense” suggested that Peng only took the woman to the hospital because he was guilty and ordered him to pay her medical expenses.
The story was picked up by the Chinese media and quickly became a cautionary tale for many Chinese: no good deed goes unpunished.”

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