Head of New York Law Firm Charged with Immigration Fraud

Michael Cutler

An ICE news release serves as the predication for my commentary today. This news release was posted by ICE on October 13, 2011 and addresses a fraud ring headed up by an attorney by the name of Earl Seth David that, according to the press release, allegedly provided a staggering number of aliens with lawful status to which they were not entitled- the precise number was not noted but was described as being possibly in excess of 25,000!

Here is an excerpt from that news release. You will notice that reference is made to the DOL. The DOL is the Department Of Labor. As I have noted in many previous commentaries, it was, in fact the Department of Labor that, before the Second World War, was responsible for the enforcement and administration of our nation’s immigration laws. The point was to protect the American workforce from the deleterious impact the influx of foreign workers would have. Wouldn’t it be amazing if our “leaders” of today conducted themselves the way that the leaders of the “Greatest Generation” did back then!

”As a result of the fraud, DOL issued thousands of certifications, and immigration authorities granted legal status to thousands of the David Firm’s clients when such adjustments were unwarranted and otherwise would not have been made. To date, the government has identified at least 25,000 immigration applications submitted by the David Firm – the vast majority of which have been determined to contain false, fraudulent, and fictitious information.”

Read More: http://www.rightsidenews.com/2011101514729/us/homeland-security/qhead-of-new-york-law-firm-charged-with-immigration-fraudq.html

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