Florida Hotel Fires Employee for Wearing American Flag Pin

Behold: The natural product of over a century of Progressive indoctrination:

Florida Hotel Fires Worker for Wearing American Flag Pin
The Blaze

A Florida hotel fired its front desk supervisor after the man wore an American flag lapel pin, a violation of the hotel’s personal appearance policies that prohibit employees from wearing badges and pins.

Sean May told Jacksonville’s WJXTthat his manager at St. Augustine’s Casa Monica Hotel told him Thursday to remove the pin or leave. He refused to take it off and was sent home. The following day, the hotel informed him he was fired.

“I wear it with pride because I like where I live and I love this country,” May told the station. When his manager gave him the ultimatum, “I said I‘m not going to remove the pin so I guess I’m going home.”

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  1. CalBob says:

    Do you suppose that he would have received the same attention with an Islamic or Cuban pin?? Just wondering.


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