34 Muslims Hertz fired are Somalis; whodathot?

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Seattle Somalis suspended by Hertz for praying on company time…

Posted by acorcoran on October 11, 2011

…..and the Somali spokesman is paid for by you­the taxpayer! What a racket!
Hertz had an agreement with the EEOC that Muslims would clock out to pray, but many refused. Always pushing, pushing, pushing — that is the stealth jihad. BTW, seventy per cent of Hertz shuttle-bus drivers at the Seattle-Tacoma airport are Somali Muslims (silly, Hertz, really silly!).

From the
Seattle Times

In the three years she’s worked as a shuttle driver for Hertz at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Zainab Aweis, had always taken time out of her shift each day to pray.

An observant Muslim, she prays five times a day — with one, sometimes two — of those prayer times falling during her shift. “That was the one benefit of the job,” the 20-year-old*** said.

On Friday, she and 33 other drivers ­ all of them Somali Muslims ­ were suspended indefinitely from their jobs after they took religious breaks to pray while at work without first clocking out.

A spokesman for Teamsters Local 117, which represents the workers, said it is trying to get the workers back on the job.

Both the company and the union late Thursday said they were waiting to hear back from the other.

While the drivers were allowed two 10-minute breaks during their work shifts during which they could pray, Teamsters officials said managers had agreed in negotiations that workers would not have to clock out and in, though the contract itself does not address the matter.

And the workers and their union said Hertz had previously not required that workers clock out for prayer. The union said it has filed an unfair-labor-practices complaint with the National Labor Relations Board against Hertz for failing to notify the union in advance of what it called a policy change.

But Hertz said the rules aren’t new; that it had been trying for some time to enforce the terms of an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission settlement it reached with the workers two years ago that required them to clock out.

A Hertz spokesman said the workers had been told repeatedly that they needed to clock out and that the 34 suspended workers had not complied.

To add insult to injury, you pay the salary of the Somali mouthpieces.

Mohamed Hassan, of the Somali Community Services Coalition, said the workers cannot afford to be away from their jobs. “They need to pay rent and buy food for their children.” [So, how about complying with your employer’s rules?] I’ve reported previously about Ethnic Community Based Organizations (they are called ECBOs in government mumbo-jumbo language)­-we have a whole category on ECBOs here. You can think of these organizations as mini-ACORNs geared specifically to particular ethnic groups. The Somali Community Services Coalition is an ECBO. They are funded almost exclusively by you! Then they teach their people how to access social service benefits and get jobs and if a political issue arises the mainstream media runs to them first for comment (as they have done here).

I just checked the Somali Community Services Coalition’s most recent Form 990, here. Although the IRS has changed the forms, making it extremely hard sometimes to find the government share of an organizations income, it appears that this ECBO had an income of $282,830 that comes from government grants (federal for sure, and probably some local or state grants). They paid out $193,363 in salaries ($40,000 plus of that went to an EX-director) and another $22,500 in some sort of contractor payment and $46,389 in rent (probably some inside deal with a landlord there, too!).

Note that over $100,000 of their income in 2009 came from the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement , here.

So what did you pay for? You paid for a political mouthpiece organization.


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  1. Ern the Stern says:

    I am glad that the Hertz company is holding these people accountable for the policies of the organization. It doesn’t matter about the ethniticity of the people that are being held accountable, just that they need to comply or find a new job. The union should respect the fact the organization is just chewing the fat and that any other religion doesnt exceed their breaktimes for prayer and neighther should muslims. This is the beginning if the 2% that will protest and antagonize the American public into gettting their way. I don’t think so…..


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