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Glenn Beck has his own news channel now. Prospero, one of our contributors and a GB fan, kindly agreed to review a show whose theme is the dangers we face from the sharia-dedicated Muslim Brotherhood folks around the world.

Here is Prospero’s account, in which you’ll meet some old friends dedicated to push back against the Muslim Brotherhood wherever it intrudes into the West.

Controversial broadcaster Glenn Beck has taken to the airwaves — rather, the ether waves — with a new internet network, GBTV. Beck’s decision to leave FOX NEWS was greeted with much joy and speculation from the Left — a sure sign that he was too “out there”, even for FOX. The truth is, Beck left FOX of his own volition; whether he sought to avoid alarming the less bold sponsors or executives at FNC, or whether he is capitalizing on the internet marketing of news is debatable.

Off any master’s leash at long last, Beck is as brash, as bold, and as determined as ever to “wake up” America to the realities of the spiritual, geo-political and economic forces applying pressure to Western Civilization, and most particularly to the representational Republic of the United States.

This new channel started in mid-September. It is the September 29th show which will interest Gates of Vienna readers. In that show, Beck produced two hours of broadcasting dedicated to exposing Islamic Brotherhood in all its vainglory.

This particular GBTV presentation was a two-hour extravaganza spent turning over rocks… revealing that which the mainstream (lamestream) media refuses to report about Islam.

Beck used the model in the comparison between the coverage and blowback efforts toward the 73-member Westboro Baptist Church in the media, and the virtual, cricket-chirping enhanced silence toward radical Islam.

Beck’s program on Shariah was a cautionary exposition for those unfamiliar with the encroaching Khilafah.

He began by providing useful definitions of apostasy, khilafah, takfir and ummah and Hizb ut-Tahrir. Then he spent a brief time defining and focusing on what those words and entities mean for America.

The coverage of Hizb ut-Tahrir’s conference in Chicago this past June was bulwarked by significant film and audio revealing the truth of the ummah spoken at the conference: that the ummah must fight the inhumanity of nationalism and capitalism and instead embrace globalism. He also
provided footage from Sydney’s July 3rd conference.

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