Mexican Military crossing the borders into America, assisting drug smugglers.

Mexican Army in armed standoff IN AMERICA!

Mexican Drug Cartels realistic terrorist threat to United States
Just after the anniversary of 9/11 two bloggers who used the public media forum to rant against the Mexican Drug Cartels were captured, tortured, mutilated and hung from a pedestrian bridge that crosses from Mexico to Laredo, Texas.

These two bloggers, both in their twenties, were hung with a note warning others not to negatively blog against the cartel.

The female, nude from the waste up, had her intestines protruding due to the slashes on her stomach while the male was cut so deeply that bone could be viewed.

Barely a yawn escaped the American Public.

If this had happened in Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq or even Egypt every news organization would have carried this horrendous act of violence yet because it was Mexico, it barely made the news:

UPA note: The information posted here should be copied and pasted and then sent to all your government officials. Based on their actions it does not appear that they understand what is really going on. If they do they should have taken appropriate steps to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws.

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