‘Suspended Election Revolution’ by Barry & the Obamunists; Does it Play?

Remember the NC Gov. “we should suspend elections”?

What a coincidence! Gov. Perdue, it is time to recall, is one of ten appointed by Barack Obama to serve on a very NWO-ish sounding Council of State Governors, arrayed around the country, purposed to handle responses militaristic and otherwise, to national emergencies.
That might seem to be just the kind of council (and remember the Russian word for governing council is “soviet”) that would deal with the suspension of our Constitutional governance and the imposition of something instead which would lay in a spectrum between that and dictatorial, martial law.
At the White House announcement of the Executive Order creating that extraconstitutional council, on February 4, 2010, this what they presented as Perdue’s bio:

Read it all at: http://trevorloudon.com/2011/10/%e2%80%98suspended-election-revolution%e2%80%99-by-barry-does-it-play/

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