ICE Arrests 2,901 Il legal Immigrants in Seven-Day Operation

U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement arrested 2,901 previously convicted criminal illegal immigrants during a nationwide, seven-day operation as part of the Cross Check enforcement operation.

The announcement was made at a news conference designed to highlight the Obama administrations ongoing commitment to prioritizing the removal of criminal aliens and egregious immigration law violators.

If only we could get Obama, and every other leftist in Washington, to commit to keeping them out.

ICE Director John Morton said all those arrested had prior criminal convictions.

Of those arrested, 1,282 had multiple convictions.

Over 1,600 of those arrested had felony convictions including manslaughter, attempted murder, kidnapping, armed robbery, drug trafficking, child abuse, sexual crimes against minors and aggravated assault.

There were also forty-two members of notoriously violent transnational gangs and 151 convicted sex offenders.

Those arrested came from 115 countries, with immigration fugitives accounting for 681 of those arrested.

There were 386 illegal re-entrants.

According to Morton, there are still an estimated 1 million convicted criminal illegal immigrants in the U.S.

Since December 2009, ICE has been conducting large-scale operations to target convicted criminal aliens in December 2009.

The resulting nine regional and national Cross Check operations including last weeks have led to the arrest of more than 7,400 convicted criminal illegal immigrants.

But its not enough.

Obamas pick-and-choose approach to immigration law enforcement is not only unconstitutional it is failing to secure our borders and keep out both potential illegal immigrants and those caught and deported.

The only solution to saving America from the onslaught of illegal immigration and our fellow citizens from becoming victims of illegal immigrant criminals is to secure the U.S.-Mexico border NOW.

Obama has failed to stand up for Americans in the fight against illegal immigration.

Will you?

Despite his clamoring for comprehensive immigration reform as he called it during his first presidential campaign, Obama has stood for nothing except backdoor Amnesty when it comes to solving the illegal immigration crisis.

And why is that? Because Obama is in it for himself.

His re-election to the Oval Office in 2012 is more important to him than the safety and security of our children, our economy, and our overall country all of which he swore to protect when he took office.

While we are thrilled that there are 2,901 fewer criminal illegal immigrants among us, what is keeping them from returning to our neighborhoods by simply skipping across the wide-open U.S.-Mexico border?

Not Obama.

Patriots, you and your fellow Americans are our best resource in the fight against illegal immigration.

We cannot win the battle against Obama and secure the southern border without you.

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