September 28, 2011 Rochester, NY News

Protesters participate in Save America's Postal Service rally in Rochester Tuesday. MARIE DE JESUS/staff photographer

Postal workers protest cost-cutting proposals

A quiet protest outside the federal courthouse on State Street in Rochester drew attention to a fight to shape the future of the U.S. Postal Service.

Sen. Charles Schumer, in Rochester, says keeping PAETEC jobs here is a priority for him, and he has spoken to merger partner Windstream about it. CARLOS ORTIZ/staff photographer

Sen. Charles Schumer has no regrets when downtown projects fail

“I believe we always say no, when we should say yes,” Schumer said Tuesday.

  • 1:34 AM, Sep. 28, 2011

Public Employees Federation rejects state contract

The state’s second largest public employee union asked Cuomo to postpone layoffs.

  • 1:36 AM, Sep. 28, 2011

Power Authority trustees vote against offshore wind farms

The New York Power Authority on Tuesday ended its quixotic push for off-shore wind farms in Lake Ontario or Lake Erie, killing the idea for financial reasons.

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