Satire: New Japanese Military Installation In Marysville Ohio


September 12, 2011
By J. Michael Warner

BREAKING NEWS: In a very surprising move today President Barack Obama signed Presidential Executive Order 23954 authorizing a Japanese military base to be built next to the Honda manufacturing facility in Marysville Ohio. Obama authorized what he called a small contingent of Japanese soldiers, approximately 2300, to be stationed at the base complete with armored personnel carriers, tanks and artillery.

The reason given by Obama for this action is that with all the terrorist activity occurring within the United States it is felt that the Japanese government should shoulder some of the responsibility for protecting their interest here in the United States. It is also my understanding that the land being made available for this Japanese military installation has been appropriated by using imminent domain laws and is being exchanged with Japan for $730 billion in Federal Reserve Bonds. Apparently Japan had loaned the United States $730 billion and wanted to cash out.

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