Defend Your Analog Meter Part III

A dish drainer and brackets provide defense against analog meter theft

Here are a couple of photos that people have sent us, showing how to protect your analog meter from theft by the utilities or their agents. PG&E has supposedly agreed to let analog meters remain in place if they receive a request, but they have given us absolutely no reason to trust them. So- anyone in PG&E territory alarmed about smart meter radiation should call the following numbers and demand to retain your analog meter.
PG&E: 1 866 743 0263
Wellington: 1 866 671 1001
If you do not live in PG&E territory it is even more critical that you lock up your analog meter and contact your state legislators and utilities commission to demand a halt to wireless meter installation and- in the meantime- the right to retain your analog meter without penalty or harassment. Note that there has not been a single case of service being switched off or an extra penny levied in fines for ‘smart’ meter refusal- despite the outrageous threats.

This strategy uses a plexiglass and wood construction, attached with L brackets to defend against reckless utility tampering. A hole in the bottom allows moisture to get out. Again, the strategy is to allow meter readers to continue to read your meter but not allow for easy removal.

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