Legislating Fascism – Six States & One City Are Now Full-On-Fascist…with More to Come

by Terresa on September 5, 2011

By: AJ
Hat Tip: Heather Gass/Freedom Advocates/Stephen Poole/Wynne Coleman
Fascist states and city:

  • NEW YORK (Unanimously passed State Senate and Assembly; awaiting Governor’s signature)

States that are in the Fascist pipe-line:


Governors and State Legislatures who enact the Benefit Corporation Legislation either condone the transformation of America, or they are ignorant sheeple who are too dumb to hold elected office. Either way, it is up to us, the people, to educate them and find at least one representative in each state who will introduce new legislation to make Benefit Corporations and Sustainable Development/Agenda 21 null and void. Then, for those who do not support abolishing the Benefit Corporations and Sustainable Development/Agenda 21, we must organize and support the candidate who is running against them so that we can kick their butts out of office.

Brief History Lesson for Governors and State Legislators:


1. A) A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism. [Note: Eric Holder’s DOJ actively practices racism against Caucasians.]

B) A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.

2. Oppressive, dictatorial control.


“Theory and practice of organizing the whole of society into corporate entities subordinate to the state. According to the theory, employers and employees would be organized into industrial and professional corporations serving as organs of political representation and largely controlling the people and activities within their jurisdiction. Its chief spokesman was Adam Müller (b. 1779—d. 1829), court philosopher to the Fürst (prince) von Metternich, who conceived of a “class state” in which the classes operated as guilds, or corporations, each controlling a specific function of social life. This idea found favour in central Europe after the French Revolution, but it was not put into practice until Benito Mussolini came to power in Italy; its implementation there had barely begun by the start of World War II, which resulted in his fall. After World War II, the governments of many democratic western European countries (e.g., Austria, Norway, and Sweden) developed strong corporatist elements in an attempt to mediate and reduce conflict between businesses and trade unions and to enhance economic growth.”

Benito Mussolini:

An Italian politician who led the National Fascist Party and became the 40th Prime Minister of Italy in 1922.

“Mussolini was among the founders of Italian Fascism, which included elements of nationalism, corporatism, national syndicalism, expansionism, social progress, and anti-socialism in combination with censorship of subversives and state propaganda. In the years following his creation of the Fascist ideology, Mussolini influenced, or achieved admiration from, a wide variety of political figures.”

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