(video) Daphne Anson – When Anti-Zionism Becomes Anti-Semitism

When+Anti-Zionism+Becomes+Anti-Semitism.jpgDaphne Anson
02 September ’11


Racist antisemites including Hitler described Jews as a “bacillus” that must be extirpated…

At the Al Quds Day rally in Toronto (complete with a female speaker from the Uniting Church, a “useful idiot” if ever there was one!) on 28 August the Jewish State was described as a “cancer” that must be removed …

In the words of the uploader:

‘This video is an alarming reminder of how anti-Semitism frequently emerges in the form of “criticism” of Israel.

At this rally, Israel is called “a cancer”, Israel is accused of “sucking resources and blood”, and Hezbollah flags were flown (a banned terrorist organization). The video also shows how those who genuinely believe in human rights often share a podium with hate-filled extremists. Activists should be accountable for the company they keep.’

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