Arrogant White House tells Republican debates that had been scheduled for weeks to pound salt, move your time, I’m the President

Dumb azz uses Democracy again, WE ARE A REPUBLIC…

Obama Schedules Speech Same Time as GOP Debate, WH Says GOP Can Reschedule
Wednesday, August 31, 2011
By Fred Lucas ( – After the White House scheduled a presidential speech to a joint session of Congress to coincide with a GOP presidential debate, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said he personally, and he believed President Obama, would be glad to see the candidates reschedule.

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama at his 7/11/2011 press conference (AP Photo)

Carney also jokingly compared the Republican candidates seeking to unseat the president in next year’s election to the “wildlife channel,” prompting laughter from the press corps. He further stressed that the Republican debate was not a consideration in planning the president’s speech.
“I would personally, and I’m sure the President feels the same way, welcome — if the sponsors so chose, and the candidates so chose to adjust the timing of their debate so that it didn’t conflict, that would be completely fine with us in the spirit of democracy and that,” Carney told reporters.
“But, again, I think that we live in such a world of choices in terms of getting information and watching media, that there will be ample opportunity for Americans to hear and see the President, ample opportunity for Americans to hear and see candidates for office,” Carney continued. “And so we’ll just carry forward with our plan.”

The Republican presidential candidates’ debate is sponsored by NBC News and Politico scheduled for 8 p.m. eastern daylight time on Sept. 7, at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California. The debate has been scheduled for several weeks.


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