Michigan state representative Rashida Tlaib : Opposing sharia law is “racism at its core”

They’re desperate and running scared.

How else to explain the dishonest, irrational and illogical rants coming from those opposed to our efforts to stop sharia law?

A recent example of this came in a news conference in Detroit two weeks ago. According to a Detroit News story, State Representative Rashida Tlaib (pictured at right), who is a Muslim, declared that legislation which prohibits courts from using foreign laws is…“…racism at its core.” Rashida_Tlaib_30Aug2011.jpg

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. According to Rep. Tlaib, legislation known as “American Laws for American Courts” is “racism at its core.” According to Tlaib, this legislation, which we have succeeded in passing, with strong bi-partisan support, in Tennessee and Arizona, is “racism at its core.” According to Tlaib, the legislation, which prevents state courts from countenancing foreign laws in areas such as family law, which would protect Muslim women from the discriminatory nature of sharia law, is “racism at its core.” Americans are waking up to the threat of sharia—and that’s why we’re seeing a desperate push-back by people like Rep. Tlaib. A push-back that is disingenuous and thoroughly devoid of fact and logic.

For instance, how can opposition to a theo-political law system such as sharia be “racist”? Sharia isn’t a “race.” Islam isn’t a “race.”

This graphically illustrates the “information warfare” our opposition is engaged in—and why we must expose it.
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