Did Obama’s Actions Put SEAL Team Six in Danger? MUSLIM BROT HERHOOD IN OUR WHITE HOUSE

Posted: 28 Aug 2011 04:37 PM PDT

By: AJ of NoisyRoom.net & Arlen Williams
Contributor: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Graphic from the Illinois Conservative Examiner

New details and names have emerged regarding appointees that Obama brought into our White House who allegedly have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. This article lays out what we have learned and calls for an immediate Congressional investigation.

It is no secret that Obama has embraced an enemy that openly states their desire to destroy Western Civilization and declares “Death to America.” Obama’s perplexing actions over the course of his Presidency appear to be more aligned with the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood and United Nations than with America’s agenda.

From Obama’s illegal war in Libya with U.S. military support to Al Qaida insurgents (under UN direction) – to his most recent war waged in Yemen – to the murders of 30 U.S. special operations troops which included 17 members of SEAL Team Six who took out Osama bin Laden, the truth about Obama’s actions and those he has placed in our White House must be found.
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