WI THUGS: This needs to be reported so people know these thugs haven’t quit terrorizing others…


Wisconsin: Union Thugs Super Glue Doors Of Catholic School Shut Ahead Of Gov. Scott Walker Visit

Rivertowns.net: http://patdollard.com/2011/08/wisconsin-pro-union-thugs-super-glue-doors-of-catholic-school-shut-ahead-of-gov-scott-walker-visit/
Officials at a Milwaukee Catholic school say they’re very disappointed that a visit by Gov. Scott Walker this afternoon has already been marred by vandalism.
Staffers at Messmer Preparatory School in Milwaukee’s inner-city were changing the locks today after some of them were filled with metal and super glue during the night.
Walker is scheduled to visit Messmer to read the Doctor Seuss story “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” to second- and third-graders.
School development director Jeffrey Robb said cars parked in front of the school had anti-Walker signs this morning.
The principal, Brother Bob Smith, said on Thursday a woman urged parents to bring noisemakers and scream as Walker arrived.
The governor has been dogged by protestors for months. They oppose the new law that virtually ends collective bargaining by most public unions.
But Robb said reading to kids has nothing to do with politics.
Brother Smith told people to “start acting like adults.”
Jacob Flom of Milwaukee’s Students for a Democratic Society said they won’t let Walker go anywhere without being protested, but Flom agreed the vandalism at Messmer doesn’t help the protestors’ cause.

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  1. Jay Bonk says:

    To Mr. Jacob Flom.
    It is time you got a life. You will be protesting for the next 4 years min. You and the union thugs need to move on. Unions will no longer control everything. It is about time. Also Collective Bargaining is not a right. If it was everyone would have it. You and your Democratic Society punks need to get a life. Before someone gets hurt.


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