Muslim congregants are shocked and many don’t believe the charges. Awww, he was probably framed. After all, sex with children is permitted under Islamic law

CANADA: Muslim religious leader charged with multiple sexual assaults on young boys and girls had used several aliases

Mohammad Masroor

National PostAn imam who worked in a Toronto mosque who was arrested last week and is facing 13 charges in relation to sexual offenses allegedly committed globally has used several aliases, the Toronto Police are saying.
The 13 charges against Mr. Masroor stem from alleged abuses committed against five former students. Because the imam traveled so extensively, Det. Const. Karen Armstrong said she worried there are more victims are out there, if not in Canada. Det. Const. Armstrong said Mr. Masroor was known to his alleged victims.
Mohammad Masroor, 48, worked as a travelling imam and visited numerous countries teaching children and young people Koranic studies. In their investigation, police have found Mr. Masroor to be in possession of three passports than bear names other than his own.
A passport with the name Junaid Salman, with no birth date listed, was allegedly used in the early 1990s in Hungary, Austria and extensively in Italy, as well as other European nations. A passport with the name Abdur Rahim, also with an unknown birth date, was used during the 1980s in India, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Police say Mr. Masroor has also been known as Abdul Karim Abdul Aziz, a Gulf Arabic name.

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