Robert Gates: Does the Navy Need 300 Ships? in a word…YES

Considering China currently has 274 ships armed and ready and building more. I say 300 isn’t enough….Our military is being downsized, defunded drastically, demoralized all the while militaries across the globe, most wishing harm to the U.S. are growing larger and being funded through U.S. tax dollars….do YOU feel safer with Obama and Co. murdering the military and leaving our nation exposed and vulnerable?

Pentagon: China’s Military Closing the Gap

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China made impressive gains last year in its military buildup that pushed the Communist Party-controlled People’s Liberation Army closer to matching modern militaries, according to the Pentagon’s annual report toCongress made public Wednesday.

“Militarily, China’s sustained modernization program is paying visible dividends,” the report says. “During 2010, China made strides toward fielding an operational anti-ship ballistic missile, continued work on its aircraft carrier program, and finalized the prototype of its first stealth aircraft.”

The report cautions that the Chinese military continues to lack key military capabilities, is equipped with large amounts of outdated hardware, and lacks operational experience. But the report concludes that the army “is steadily closing the technological gap with modern armed forces.”

By the end of this decade, China will be able to project military power and sustain a modest-sized force of naval and ground forces for smaller conflicts “far from China.” That assessment was not included in earlier annual reports to Congress.

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2010 – Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Monday called into question the U.S. Navy’s heavy and expensive arsenal of ships and submarines.

Taiwan Strait Military Balance, Naval Forces
China Taiwan
Total East and South Sea Fleets Total
Destroyers 26 16 4
Frigates 53 44 22
Tank Landing Ships/ Amphibious Transport Dock 27 25 12
Medium Landing Ships 28 21 4
Diesel Attack Submarines 49 33 4
Nuclear Attack Submarines 5 2 0
Coastal Patrol (Missile) 86 68 61
Note: The PLA Navy has the largest force of principal combatants, submarines, and amphibious warfare ships in Asia. After years of neglect, the force of missile-armed patrol craft is also growing. In the event of a major Taiwan conflict, the East and South Sea Fleets would be expected to participate in direct action against the Taiwan Navy. The North Sea Fleet would be responsible primarily for protecting Beijing and the northern coast, but could provide mission-critical assets to support other fleets.

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7/18/2011 Liberal think-tank, the Center for American Progress proposes rolling back post-9/11 increases in ground forces that are no longer needed as the military withdraws from Iraq and Afghanistan and cuts in the ranks of civilian defense workers. The center also endorses cuts of the military healthcare and retirement systems. It cannot achieve likely large targets for deficit reduction without attacking personnel costs.

Only 1.4 million Active-Duty U. S. Military Personnel compared to:

China/Taiwan Strait Military Balance, Ground Forces
China Taiwan
Total Taiwan Strait Area Total
Personnel (Active) 1.25 million 400,000 130,000
Group Armies 18 8 3
Infantry Divisions 17 5 0
Infantry Brigades 22 9 8
Mechanized Infantry Divisions 6 2 0
Mechanized Infantry Brigades 6 1 3
Armor Divisions 9 4 0
Armor Brigades 8 3 4
Artillery Divisions 2 2 0
Artillery Brigades 17 6 5
Airborne Divisions 3 3 0
Amphibious Divisions 2 2 0
Amphibious Brigades 3 3 3
Tanks 7,000 3,100 1,100
Artillery Pieces 8,000 3,400 1,600
Note: PLA active ground forces are organized into Group Armies. Infantry, armor, and artillery units are organized into a combination of divisions and brigades deployed throughout the PLA’s seven MRs. A significant portion of these assets are deployed in the Taiwan Strait area, specifically the Nanjing, Guangzhou, and Jinan MRs. Taiwan has seven Defense Commands, three of which have Field Armies. Each Army contains an Artillery Command roughly equivalent to a brigade plus.

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2010 Top Ten Armies in the World

Nearly every country in the world has its own army to protect its interests against internal and external enemies. The top ten armies of the world were chosen based on their military history, current operations and size of force as well as their reputation as a military force. Most of these armies were involved in the major conflicts of the modern day world including World War I, World War II and the Korean War. In addition, many of these armies have been involved in conflicts fighting for their own country’s independence.

#10: Pakistan

Brazilian Army
Pakistan’s Army was founded in 1947 and maintains a force of over 500,000 strong who have all volunteered for service.
Pakistan’s military history includes conflicts with its bordering neighbors of Afghanistan and India, the Gulf War and Mogadishu, Somalia in the early 90s.
Pakistan has also served as an ally to the United States in the Global War on Terrorism by assisting in fighting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and along the border of Pakistan.

#9: Israel

Israel is the only country in the world that requires military service from both male and female citizens with few exceptions.
The Israel Defense Force was founded in 1948 and maintains an active duty force of over 100,000.
The Israeli military history includes the Arab-Israel War, the Six-Day War and numerous conflicts with Lebanon and Palestine. The United States remains one of Israel’s largest allies.

#8: Russia

Russia has undergone numerous changes throughout its military history dating back to 863. The modern day army is known as the Russian Ground Force and was founded in 1992.
Previous Russian military organizations, including the Red Army, have been involved in regional conflicts, both world wars and the Cold War. Before the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, it was the known as the superpower of the world and had surpassed the United States in terms of the number of soldiers and nuclear weapons.
The Russian Ground Force is staffed through mandatory service; though many in the country have either deferred under exceptions or offered bribes to officials not to serve.

#7: Turkey

The Turkish Army dates back more than 2,000 years. The modern day Turkish Army is one of the few notable armies that stayed neutral during World War II.
Although the Turkish Army was involved in the Korean War, the largest conflict in the 1900s was in the Turkish Independence War where it fought Russia, Britain, Greece, France and Italy along its borders.
Military service in Turkey is required with few exceptions and it has resulted in Turkey having the second largest ground force in NATO.

#6: North Korea

The North Korean People’s Army was established in 1939 and has an impressive force of more than one million soldiers. When reserve unit numbers are counted in this total, estimates are more than seven million soldiers who could be activated if needed.
Major conflicts in North Korea’s history are the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Tensions between North and South Korea still exist today and, technically, the conflict has not officially ended between the two.
North Korea has confirmed its nuclear and chemical weapons capability in recent years with threats against various countries including the United States, mainly for its alliance with South Korea.

#5: Germany

The German Army has one of the most notable histories with the rise of Hitler. The German Army was responsible for the start of World War II when it invaded Poland.
After the War ended, Germany was in a divided state and formed the West Germany Army.
After reunification in the 1990s, the armies from the east and west were combined into the current German Army. The current military force in Germany numbers over 200,000 active soldiers.

#4: India

The Indian Army dates back to the Stone Age. Today, it is known as being the largest all volunteer ground force in the world with more than 1,000,000 active duty soldiers.
India has never had to institute a draft to staff its ground force. The Indian Army has been involved in both world wars as well as several conflicts to fight for its own independence.
Pakistan has been its target on more than one occasion in its military history.

#3: United Kingdom

The British Army was organized in 1661 and has been involved in various conflicts including the Napoleonic Wars, Revolutionary War and both world wars.
The British Army has had a significant presence in Northern Ireland and the Balkans while standing beside the United States in the Gulf War in the 1990s as well as the Global War on Terrorism after the attacks of September 11, 2001.
The active duty force of the British Army is more than 100,000 strong, making it the second largest army in the European Union behind France.

#2: China

The People’s Liberation Army of China is the largest in the world numbering over two million soldiers even after significant cuts in forces in recent years.
The Chinese Army was established in 1927 and involved in the Sino-Japanese conflict, World War II, Korean War and Vietnam.
While technically service is required for all men over the age of 18, China has never had to draft soldiers as there has always been more than enough Chinese men who have volunteered for military service to their country.

#1: United States

The United States Army dates back to 1775 when the Continental Army was created to fight in the Revolutionary War. The U.S. Army has participated in every major world war, the Korean War, Vietnam, the Gulf War and the Global War on Terrorism.

The current active duty force for the U.S. Army numbers over 500,000 with a combined total of over one million with Reserve and National Guard soldiers.

The modern day Army is an all volunteer force with permanent posts throughout the United States as well as Germany, Italy, Kosovo, Japan and Korea.

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