Here you go…the first step in “normalizing” pedophilia and the fact that they will be recognized like homosexuals as “just another sexual orientation”….

Kate Moss and daughter Lila Grace pose nude for a photo in the September issue of Vogue magazine
kate moss daughter lila grace vogue 201x300 Kate Moss Poses with Daughter Lila in Vogue: Too Much Skin or Beautiful Portrait?

1. a child is FORCED not ASKED to pose nude
,,, and has her NUDE picture taken by an adult, not a family member,,,,THIS IS CHILD PORNOGRAPHY,,,,
BY THE WAY,,,, anyone possessing this COULD BE CHARGED with possession of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY,,,
Leave it to a liberal to support this exploitation…

2. A stranger takes photos of a minor girl naked,,,, and then those photos are sold to other strangers ,,,,

3. Oh! I see a celebrity induces her daughter to take part in a provocative picture and it’s art. But a family takes a roll film in for processing that has pictures of there three year old in the bathtub and they get charged with child abuse, poor parenting, or kidde-porn.
I’m getting sick of all the double standards that are allowed for celebrities.

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