Weprin Mediscare Tactics Shameful and Disengenuous; Bob Turner Will Protect Medicare and Social Security


Becky Miller



“I echo the sentiments of former democrat New York City Mayor, Ed Koch, when he said, ‘David Weprin is making phone calls trying to scare seniors. They’re nonsense. Weprin should be ashamed of himself.’ Ed Koch and I agree, ‘Bob Turner is the best candidate for senior citizens in this race.'”

“Over the past several weeks David Weprin, the democrat party and their allies have engaged in ‘MediScare’ tactics aimed at frightening our seniors into believing Medicare and Social Security benefits will end as they know them. Disingenuous flyers and misleading statements will not change the sad reality, that if we do what David Weprin, President Obama, and the democrats propose, Medicare and Social Security will go bankrupt.”

“President Obama’s own Medicare actuary has said many of the President’s health care claims are, ‘false, more so than true,’ going so far as to say Obamacare ‘would actually exacerbate Medicare’s troubles.’ Furthermore, the 2011 Medicare Trustees Report confirmed that the under President Obama’s policy, Medicare recipients would face an immediate 17% cut in benefits or a 24% tax increase.”

“While reforms are needed to ensure the longevity of Medicare and Social Security, those reforms will do nothing to impact the benefits for current seniors. Bob Turner will fight to protect Medicare and Social Security for everyone over fifty-five, as well as our children and grandchildren. Any claims to the contrary are patently false and meant to intimidate voters into supporting David Weprin. On September 13th, the voters have a chance to send Washington a message and Bob Turner is the right man to deliver it.”

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