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ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARRESTED AT TAX-FUNDED CONSTRUCTION SITE Yesterday several illegal immigrants were turned over to federal immigration authorities after their arrest at a Wegman’s construction site in Pennsylvania. According to a press release from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and … Continue reading

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What is Halal? Documentary to find out…

Documentary: A Bloody Business Reporter: Sarah Ferguson and Producer: Michael Doyle Broadcast: 30/05/2011 Next on Four Corners: A Bloody Business. An explosive exposé of the cruelty inflicted on Australian cattle exported to the slaughterhouses of Indonesia. Right now in northern … Continue reading

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English Warning To Americans: DONT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!

The British people have been completely disarmed according to UN resolution, and here are personal accounts of british citizens of why Americans need to fight for their constitutional rights.

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NYS Limits Water Usage…Farms will be effected as many farmers use water to hydrate crops….

Governor Signs Water Withdrawal Bill Governor Cuomo has signed into law a measure requiring a state permit for the withdrawal of large volumes of water from the state’s rivers, lakes, streams and groundwater. The law requires state approval of any … Continue reading

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Where do your 1st Amendmant rights end?

FOX: Florida Teacher Suspended for Anti-Gay Marriage Posts on Personal Facebook Page “Does your employer have a right to look at the stance you take on Facebook or Twitter and rain down consequences? Isn’t standing on a soapbox with a … Continue reading

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DON’T SAY YOU WEREN’T WARNED! Who Is Behind the ‘US Day of Rage’ to ‘Occupy’ Wall Street this September 17th?

What, exactly, is a “US Day of Rage?” Well, on September 17th we may find out for certain, but until then, The Blaze is revealing what information does exist about this very nefarious-sounding campaign. A US Day of Rage is … Continue reading

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Why is CBS News Selling Barack Obama Merchandise in its Online Store?

There‘s some curious merchandise for sale in CBS News’ online store.* Alongside a travel mug, tote bag and T-shirt that all bear the CBS News logo, the store also includes the following: “Dreams From My Father,” by Barack Obama “Dreams … Continue reading

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Farmers speak out: GMOs are a trap that Monsanto is using to take over agriculture

(NaturalNews) Most Americans have no idea just how pervasive genetically-modified organisms (GMO) have become throughout the food supply. Predatory marketing practices have lured many farmers into converting over to GMOs, and craftily-designed, proprietary growing systems have kept them there. Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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Global warming fraud: Iconic polar bear on melting ice cap a hoax

The often-invoked story of polar bears drowning in arctic waters because of melting ice caps was a complete fraud, invented by dishonest scientists who have now been publicly outed for fabricating their data. Here are the details on this latest … Continue reading

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Obama’s New Fuel Economy Standards Will Increase Cost of a Car More Than $11,000

The Obama Administration’s new fuel economy standards will cause the retail price of average motor vehicles to increase over $11,000, according to a study conducted by the Center for Automotive Research Read More: http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/obama-fuel-economy-regs-can-cause-vehicl #!

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Roch. Firefighters Union STEALS from Homeowners AND businesses!!

“The money in question is commonly known as “2 percent funds” because it represents 2 percent of fees collected by out-of-state insurance companies from homeowners and businesses. By law, the funds are disbursed annually to municipalities or fire districts by … Continue reading

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“The Hidden Army Of Islam in Europe”

by Trevor on August 19, 2011 A scary and informative doco from Sky news, on the infiltration of Islamic Jihadists, and militant into Europe though the Muslim enclave of Bosnia.

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August 19, 2011

SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER… Obama plans to play golf today… Air Force One, two chopper convoys, motorcade… Obamas Fly ‘His & Her’ Jets to Lux Vacay… Buchanan: The View From The Vineyard… World stocks plunge… US stocks tumble, then stabilize… … Continue reading

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RACIST!!! Janeane Garafalo unleashes a tirade of racism and hatred against BLACK Republican presidential candiate Herman Cain!!!

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Protests Come To Germany As Arsonists Burn Down “Fat Cat” Cars

Following the recent riots in the UK, it seemed there was only one safe bastion from the marauding bands of indignants, labor unions, and general hooligans: Germany. That is, alas, no more. During the past two days, German protests against … Continue reading

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