A Reason For The August Stock Market Crash, Oct Pending

Our overall readings on the web suggest to us that there is a silent but sure to be deadly trending going on right now. The media is not covering it, your broker is not telling you and your financial adviser is not advising you. Only the informed blogging world is leading with this story. Also note that this will be a great chance to profit.

The deadly trend: A European wide bank run.
We know folks in Portugal, Ireland and Greece took their funds out of their banks and purchased gold, Swiss franc and Yen. But things just moved to defcon 2, Italy and Spain banks have deposits falling, the money is finding other ‘non Euro’ safe places to hide.
Source: Money supply growth alert (cont.)
The recent growth of M2 surpasses even the explosive safe-haven demand for money that accompanied 9/11 and the financial crisis of late 2008. Something big is going on, and it can only be the financial panic that is sweeping Europe, as money flees a banking system that is loaded to the gills with PIIGS debt. In short, it looks like there is a run on the European banks, and the U.S. banking system is the safe haven of choice.

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Silent Great Depression Style Run On Greece Banks Spreads To Banks Across Europe

Economic data shows the silent run on Greece banks has spread into a massive number of people pulling their money out of banks all across Europe.

More: http://members.beforeitsnews.com/story/967/807/NL/Silent_Great_Depression_Style_Run_On_Greece_Banks_Spreads_To_Banks_Across_Europe.html

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