What Happened to Obama? Absolutely Nothing.

Is Obama Destruction Purposeful? Debate with Norman Podhoretz. » Podhoretz: What Happened to Obama? Absolutely Nothing

“My assessment of Obama is that he’s doing all this on purpose to explicitly harm the country because I think he has grudges, grievances, and things about the country he doesn’t like.” -Rush

What Happened to Obama? Absolutely Nothing.

He is still the same anti-American leftist he was before becoming our president.


It’s open season on President Obama. Which is to say that the usual suspects on the right (among whom I include myself) are increasingly being joined in attacking him by erstwhile worshipers on the left. Even before the S&P downgrade, there were reports of Democrats lamenting that Hillary Clinton had lost to him in 2008. Some were comparing him not, as most of them originally had, to Lincoln and Roosevelt but to the hapless Jimmy Carter. There was even talk of finding a candidate to stage a primary run against him. But since the downgrade, more and more liberal pundits have been deserting what they clearly fear is a sinking ship.

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